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About Tabi

“The changing seasons hold a magic that captivates every one of us. At Tabi Boutique, we believe that magic – from the radiance of summer sun to the enchantment of swirling, falling leaves… – lives within you.

To us, resort wear means more than dressing for the season. It means dressing for the season within.

Each day, you experience seasons in your own way, and your wardrobe should rise to meet you there. Our collection offers a print and silhouette for every mood and every occasion. Whether you wake with a summer glow or a sense of stillness, with a childlike wonder or a swirling rainbow of possibilities, open your closet and find an outfit that speaks to the season in you.

Each piece you select from Tabi Boutique offers you the relaxing comfort of casual wear, yet with a luxurious feel – it is fitting to wear for travel, an evening soiree, or for passing the day at home. Visit our virtual boutique and find prints and silhouettes suitable for all seasons, occasions, and moods.

Tabi makes clothes not just for everybody but for every body. We are committed to adding beauty, confidence, and happiness to your wardrobe and your life. Unlock the magic of the seasons within, in living color with exceptional clothing we call Art to Wear.”

 – Tabitha

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